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About Me

Brit Hemming is a front-end developer, educator, the founder of Programmers 4 Peace, and the creator and voice behind the popular travel and lifestyle blog Stay Curious Darling. She is passionate about women’s development and empowerment issues. A couple of cool projects she’s worked on in the past include helping to plan the trip, develop the curriculum and going on tour with the The Code Mobile, running coding summer camps with Girls Learning Code and spending a week in Gaza teaching workshops for women with Gaza Sky Geeks. She learned how to code at HackerYou in Toronto and has since made it her mission to fuse together her passions for international development and for programming. When she’s not traveling around the world teaching she’s hanging out with her rescued Bali Dog Ada (named after Ada Lovelace) or searching for a cool new cafe to fuel her coffee addiction. .

Speaking Engagements

Recent Speaking Engagements:

The Algonquin College Office of Applied Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship RE/Action Showcase, Ottawa, Canada – December 4th 2018 – Key Note Speaker: The importance of teaching tech in conflict zones

Wonder Women Tech Conference, London, England – June 20th 2018 Topic: Social Innovation in Tech

Past Topics include:

  • The importance of teaching digital skills to youth
  • How to create stability teaching code in some of the worlds most unstable regions
  • Code can transform lives

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Web Designer + Developer


Programmers 4 Peace

What does programming have to do with peace? Brit believes that one of the major barriers to peace is economic instability and by teaching youth the skills they need to be competitive in today’s job market she is helping to remove that barrier.

Brit started Programmers 4 Peace in 2017 and has since hosted workshops, hackathons, and bootcamps all around the world. Her aim is to equip individuals with the skills they need to gain employment, take on social, political, and economic problems and improve lives worldwide.

P4P Past Programs

Career / Lifestyle


This is Brit’s attempt to share what inspires her with the world and to give you a glimpse of the road less travelled. Her motto is “Forge your own path, define your own success. You don’t have to live your life like everyone else. Know that success is who you are not what you own. In the end you will be remembered for how you made others feel. Be adventurous, be kind, be happy and leave the world a better place than you found it.”

Brit lives an unconventional life and she writes about all of it on the blog. It is a travel, lifestyle and career blog. She discusses her hopes, dreams and observations and conducts interviews with women who have inspired her life’s work. Brit has traveled to over 35 countries and has had an opportunity to live and travel in a variety of different places and to experience different cultures. She is content with living her life in a way that most people do not.